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GAY ODIN – From Via Chiaia to Piazza San Ferdinando, the aroma of roasted chocolate spreads. Neapolitans are fascinated by the new recipes and race amongst themselves to sample new products. The combinations of flavours seduce his clientele to such an extent that the young alchemist opens two other locations to satisfy them.

The special characteristic of Gay Odin chocolate is definitely the high quality of its ingredients. All of them are carefully selected and only the best creations become pralines. But quality, is not enough: the production, completely made by hand, is what makes the difference in every single product. Despite the Industrial Revolution, they didn’t change them working methods and his employees were people who really love their job.

Today, there are nine Gay Odin stores in Naples, in addition to its headquarters in Rome and Milan, whilst the Gay Odin chocolate factory continues to be a magical place, in which scents and aromas come together every day with the love of those who have carried their dreams into their work, marked by excellence in the world of Neapolitan industry.

Naples store address

Via Carducci, 29
Via V.Colonna,15B
Via Vetriera,12
Via Benedetto Croce, 61
Via Cilea,189
Centro Direzionale Isola E7
Via Luca Giordano, 21
Via Toledo, 214
Via Toledo, 427

phone +39 081 41 78 43


With the dobedoo card you are entitled to a 10% discount on Gay Odin products

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