Piazza Municipio crossroads in history

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DOBEDOO – Piazza Municipio is one of the biggest European squares. The square boasts the presence of some important monuments and points of interest like the great “Castel Nuovo”, called also “Maschio Angioino”, San Giacomo Palace, the municipal headquarter and Mercadante Theatre and moreover it overlooks the harbour of Naples.

Originally its name was Platea Corrigiarium, because the square took own name from the Corregge, that were spears  used during chariots races or others tournaments which the square hosted as an entertainment for Neapolitan population at the greek-roman era.

Piazza Municipio acquired more relevance after the construction of Castel Nuovo in the XIII century AD (After Death).

The “Largo di Castello”, now Piazza Municipio, was planned by Don Pedro de Toledo and at a later time it was levelled and enlarged by Domenico Fontana.

In this “Largo” you could have found all types of people, from prostitutes to seller of stolen wares,  actors and comedians who played in court theatres, and they loved improvising some works in the square in order to entertain people. Later on, for this reason, a stage was built and called “San Carlino” in order to distinguish it from San Carlo Theater. On this stage was born Pulcinella, the greatest Neapolitan mask.

During the excavations for the construction of the new underground line in 2005, in addition to a new architectural asset, there some finds have been found that belonged to the old harbour of Naples that have led to the birth of a small archaeological museum inside the underground station of Museo, called Stazione Neapolis.

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