September 19th: “San Gennaro did the miracle”

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DOBEDOOSan Gennaro did the miracle
It is September 19th, I am in Dome of Naples and I don’t know what is happening here but  there is a mix of fear, tension and wait around me. Something happens at some point, a man dressed in white announces from the altar:
“the miracle is happened!”. Everyone in that moment starts to say – San Gennaro did the miracle – and again “we are save now” and that feeling of fear and tension is became a sensation of joy and festivity.

I take a look at an old woman who is crying and telling to her nephew “you have to know, dear Peppino, that the miracle is one of the most important things of the year, it saves and confirm us that someone is helping us”. The nephew, a little bit confused, asks her grandma: “who is helping us?”. The grandma stops crying and she caresses her little nephew and says “San Gennaro, my honey, San Gennaro”. She goes on telling to her nephew that in the ampoule held by the priest there is the solid blood of the Holy Patron of Naples and that for only two days a year the blood  becomes from a solid-state into liquid state, just a miracle.

I go on wandering around the church and I discover that the lacking liquefaction of the blood was presage of misfortunes and calamity for the city of Naples, indeed  lots of people assignee to the failed miracle events like the eruption of the Vesuvius and the terrible earthquake in Irpinia.

It is not describable what happens in the Dome in that day, the emotions cannot be explained: whether it is fantasy or reality does not matter because the blood melts and if it is not happen Neapolitan people are ready to say “miettate a paur” (BE SCARED!)

An experience that everyone should live and try, an example of the culture, custom and religious tradition of Naples, that lasts for six-hundred years old.

The liquefaction of San Gennaro’s blood happens two times a year: in September, the 19th, the day of the sanctification of the Patron, and in December, the 16th, for the anniversary of the eruption of  Vesuvius (December 16th, 1931) at the Dome of Naples in Via del Duomo 149.

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