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VESUVIUS CULTOUR NAPLES – Tourist Tour with driver
Departure from Naples every day
Destination: Vesuvius.

When talking about Naples, symptomatic is the connection to this natural totem, which overhangs the Gulf and stands clear in front of the city’s lively look.

Along is the Mount Somma, an older volcanic complex from which the Vesuvius originated. It changed it aspect because of violent eruptions, including the most significant of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Like a phoenix, Parthenope, from its lava it was burned and then reborn. In fact, Vesuvius contributed to the fertility of Campania Felix, creating extraordinary biodiversity and a long and flourishing food and wine tradition.

After the last eruption, which occurred in 1944, with a frightening natural pyrotechnic spectacle, with lava fountains rising 800 meters above the crater, destroying Massa and San Sebastiano and sprinkling all the south with volcanic ash, the volcano entered in “a dynamic rest”, as most people define this phase of quiescence.

Given the great geological, biological and historical interest of the entire Vesuvian area, on June 5, 1995 the Vesuvius National Park, with its headquarters in Ottaviano, was born.

Its constitution was made with the intent of:
– preserving the values ​​of the territory and of the environment;
– safeguarding the ecosystem of the area and geological singularities;
– promoting environmental education activities as well as scientific research.

Hundreds of floristic and faunistic species characterize the area adjacent to the volcano, large numbers when compared to the small extension of the area.

Piazza Luigi Miraglia SNC – 80138 Naples

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