A walk trough Villa Comunale

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DOBEDOO – The Villa Comunale was built in 1780, thanks to the King Ferdinando IV the Bourbon.

It expands more than 1 km from Piazza della Vittoria to Piazza della Repubblica, and it divides the Chiaia coastline from the promenade of Via Caracciolo.

The King thought about the villa as an exclusive place where the aristocracy could have long and relaxed strolls, indeed common people were not allowed to enter there.

Later, the tree-lined avenues have been embellished with neoclassical sculptures, fountains and little temples like the circular one in honor of Torquato Tasso, that was a neoclassical installation by Stefano Gasse,  which presents Tasso’s bust by the sculptor Tito Angelini; inside of the Virgilio temple there is a herm of the poet; moreover people can admire the Casina Pompeiana that was built in 1870, as a view exposition of the archaeological excavation of Pompeii.

In 1860, during the Italian Unification, the Villa Comunale was opened to everybody, and it was called “Villa Nazionale”. But throughout the Second World War the villa was used as an encampment for the German troops settled in Naples and for this reason the villa suffered many damages due to the allied bombardments. After many years of hard work of restoration, the Villa Comunale obtained the actual look.

Inside the Villa Comunale you can find the Press Association and the Anton Dohrn’s zoological station that host the oldest Europe aquarium. Nowadays the Villa overlooks the so-called “lungomare liberato”, which is a relaxing zone for tourists and families that have the opportunity to ride their bicycles or to rent a rickshaw in order to enjoy the extraordinary view of the Gulf of Naples.

Opening Hours:
From 07.00 am to 10.00 pm from 1st November to 30 April;
From 07.00 am to 24.00 from 1st May to 31 October.
How to get:
Chiaia funicular or metropolitana Line 2 (Piazza Amedeo Station), tram no. 1 Entrance to Piazza Vittoria and Piazza della Repubblica, 12 holes in via Riviera di Chiaia, 6 holes in via Caracciolo

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